DB Schenker Logistics' strategy includes striving for excellence. However, this would not be possible without constant development of the potential of our employees. Thus, we provide all our employees with a number of internal and external training courses. We are especially proud of two periodical training programs: the School of Leaders and the School of Young Leaders. These comprehensive series of courses are aimed at improving qualifications. They combine training sessions with project implementation and intensive cooperation with the superiors.

Moreover, in the years 2010 and 2011 we implemented training and consulting projects as part of the program titled: “Strategy: Delighted Customer”, co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF). In total, we conducted over 350 training courses for which we received subsidy of PLN 2,730,377. In 2011 this amount was equal to PLN 602,877.68. In 2012 we did not receive any financial support, neither from Poland, nor from the EU.

In 2011 a number of training hours per a permanent worker was 19.81 and in 2012, the final year of training program supported by the Union - 13.22. We do not keep a record of this indicator divided into sex or including a structure of employment.

Apart from the training courses, our employees gain new experiences and skills, including through:

  • work and internship in other teams;
  • participation in project groups;
  • managerial mentoring and coaching;
  • participation in the EFQM excellence group;
  • involvement in the creation of the Lean culture;
  • involvement in employee volunteering;
  • involvement in the introduction of new employees (New Employee Supervisor);
  • financial support for higher education (university or post-graduate studies);
  • financial support for foreign language learning;
  • participation in conferences;
  • certification courses;


At DB Schenker Logistics we work as a team and believe that an important part of raising competences constitute learning from other employees and possibility of confronting one's way of work with other people. Feedback that an employee can obtain from their colleagues and superiors who come into contact with our work every day, is a valuable source of knowledge and becomes a basis for professional and personal development.

The Performance Appraisal is one of the basic tools of planning a career at DB Schenker Logistics. It takes place at the beginning of each year and is an opportunity to evaluate employees' objectives required of them and set new tasks for the next 12 months. An integral part of the conversations constitute an evaluation of work performed during the previous year thanks to which we jointly assess the employee's success in the previous year and their new skills. On the other hand we also analyze areas that should be improved so that one could better achieve the business objectives of DB Schenker Logistics.

In 2011 as many as 84% of employees had their career performance appraisal in 2010 (37% of them were female, and 63% male). In 2012 we had career performance appraisal with 84% of employees (31% of them were female, and 68.1% male).